The University of Washington provided both by maintaining they were the ones who created the first Wave on October 31, 1981 during its game with Stanford – totally ignoring that George performed it in front of a national TV audience sixteen days earlier in Oakland as evidenced by the A’s highlight film for that year. The unrelenting false assertions of the university establishment and its fans drove George nuts. Today the University of Washington’s  claim has since been thoroughly debunked. After all, even in 1981, October 15 came before October 31.



It’s settled: Where The Wave first started

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New York Times Magazine, “Who Made That”


Joe Garagiola, Hall of Fame broadcaster for NBC, said from his home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I remember during the game that all of a sudden the fans started getting up and then sitting down. As I remember, it looked the same or better than what they’re doing now. Our producer, Don Ohlmeyer, was trying to get the cameraman to catch the Wave, but he was always one section behind. He (Ohlmeyer) kept pounding on him (the cameraman) saying, “Get it! Get that thing!”I had never seen anything like it. It was super.”