When you’re looking for a Krazy time…Catch The Wave with Krazy George

Available to put an extra kick in every kind of event or theme you can imagine.

STILL KRAZY AFTER ALL THESE CHEERS – Krazy George Book Tour 2014 – 2015

All the events listed below can be combined with the Krazy George Book Tour and Book Signing Events.

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gamesGame Appearances

Bring in Krazy George – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

  • All Sports
  • Major League
  • Minor League
  • Colleges
  • Tailgating Parties

He will…

  • Circulate and meet the fans while energizing the crowd.
  • Organize his traditional back and forth cheer across the stadium
  • Have everyone do his signature, world-famous Wave that he invented on Oct. 15, 1981 with the Oakalnd As.
  • Do some signature cheers like the back and forth cheer, the clapping, the name of the team cheer .

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Corporate and Business Events




Corporate America soon realized they could unleash George’s unbridled enthusiasm on their meetings and seminars. Sports or business – same results – fired up and entertained people.

  • Commercials (Radio and TV)
  • Print advertisements
  • Personal appearances
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Car dealerships




The man who invented the Wave in 1981  can start a
wave of enthusiasm for your company.

More MOTIVATIONAL than an army of drill sergeants!

This is the man who single-handedly steps into sport’s stadiums and arenas across North America and turns them into wild cauldrons of ecstatic pandemonium.



Just a man and his drum. But his effect on your company or organization’s event will bring out the best in everyone in attendance while setting an atmosphere of excitement and high morale.

You will come away saying, “I never thought life could be this good. I now see everything more clearly and I must conquer all that is before me!”

Awsomely MEMORABLE  – An experience that lasts a lifetime!

15. BlueRocks

Watch for years to come, as your cohorts recant their moments in the presence of greatness. Delight in their embellishments as they tell their tales of rubbing shoulders with a legend. Be able to say that you were there the day your company’s motto was forever changed to two simple words, “Get Krazy!”

Motivator par Excellence!

Internationally famous Krazy George once motivated a sold-out stadium of fans to all do the same thing at once.
The Wave was born. Since that first Wave hit California (October 15, 1981 – NY Yankees @ Oakland A’s, seen live on NBC) billions worldwide have been motivated to stand up and cheer. A long successful career of leading cheers for the NFL, Major League Baseball, NHL, NBA, MLS, college and minor league teams has proven there is no one who can whip up a crowd like Krazy George. When called upon, George provided his talents for the United States Men’s and Women’s National Soccer teams.

Your Corporate Team

Teams quickly learned that George could do more by himself than a squad of cheerleaders, mascots and pep squads put together. The reason for this is that Krazy George never met an audience he didn’t like. It simply isn’t an option to not cheer along with George. Teams quickly learned that a cheering crowd was a happy crowd. Corporate America ( IBM, Pepsi and FedEx to name-drop a few) soon realized they could unleash this unbridled enthusiasm on their meetings and seminars. Sports or business – same results – fired up and entertained people.

You can’t fake what this man has. It takes a love of life like no other you have ever seen. This man never has to put on his game face – it’s there even in his sleep. Even his walk tells you this is somebody who is really charged-up about something. You’ve heard the saying that someone has an “infectious personality.” Krazy George brings an epidemic of enthusiasm wherever he goes.

“Krazy George is truly something to cheer about!”


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Sports Bars and Restaurants

Unique CUSTOM-MADE geared to enhance your theme!

Most gatherings share a common element – they want their group to get fired-up about something. Sell more, buy more, learn more, be more, give more or join more – that about sums up most reasons to meet.


Energize your crowd with Krazy! Add that extra fun-factor!

  • Game day events
  • Special promotions/theme nights
  • Superbowl

He will…

  • Patrons will have an up-close opportunity to meet and schmooze with Krazy George
  • George’s antics will create an “at-the-game experience” with your patrons by doing some of his signature cheers with your group.
  • Advance publicity for George’s appearance will help fill up and hype your pub promotion.
  • Show your patrons you’re going that extra mile to make sure they have a great time supporting their local team at your place.
  • Watch your crowd recant their moments with George.
  • They’ll keep coming back.

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Invite the wild and crrr-a-zzz-y guy to your party!

  • Superbowl and playoffs
  • Tailgate
  • House parties- Birthdays- Anniversaries- Weddings

He will…

  • George will be at the party to meet and greet all visitors.
  • He’ll do some of his signature cheers with your group.
  • Customize what he does for your event

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Product Endorsements

“The All American Adrenaline Machine.”  “The bald-headed, efin character.”  The man who will whip up enthusiasm and sell your product like no one else could ever do.

List you have – add commercials done:

Show: Wheels and Deals, ShoeTown, Car Dealerships -logos

  • George will give a unique and original flair in any media format.
  • George will will heighten the interest and attention of anybody who is looking.
  • Customize his approach to fit your products.

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